The Struggle is REAL

Back in 2015 I had a wild idea about starting a blog about my fit life and all of the fit fashion that was taking over my life. I was studying to be a certified ACE group fitness instructor, finally following my dream to teach potentially at Lifetime Fitness and managing a long distance relationship… Continue reading The Struggle is REAL


We need to talk…

about Blogfest 2016!!! If you have been following along on Instagram you have seen all the fun and exciting updates I posted from my trip last week to Los Angeles for the Idea World Fitness Convention and Blogfest. I was there for five days and met so many inspiring bloggers, fitness professionals and business owners!… Continue reading We need to talk…


The Countdown is Over!!

Hey everyone! I wanted to share really quick that I am about to board my flight to L.A. for Blogfest!!!! It is finally here and I can not wait! Follow me along on Instagram (@apunchofleopard) and Snapchat (@apunchofleopard) to stay up to date on all the fun! Xoxo, Marilena


Skirting the Issue

Hey hey!!! Big news is here! The hiatus is because we just relocated to San Antonio!! The move was bittersweet and I miss the connections I made while in El Paso, but I am thrilled to be back in central Texas and with all the green!!! The one thing I'm not too excited about is… Continue reading Skirting the Issue


It’s been awhile…

since I have shared a workout with you! For today's #workoutwednesday I am sharing a lower rep workout that you can use to challenge yourself with the weights you choose and give you the time to focus on your form.Β  I began this workout with an interval run I had preprogrammed inΒ the Interval Timer app… Continue reading It’s been awhile…

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Fitness Find Friday – My Sweat Style

Hey everyone!!! I am back from my travels and ready to get back to business πŸ™‚ I want to share my most recent box from My Sweat Style. If you missed my last review, don't worry because I have a new one for you! First, for those who don't know about this subscription service, this… Continue reading Fitness Find Friday – My Sweat Style

Round up!

Weekly Round Up 5/10/16

Happy Tuesday! I am posting from Austin and I can't tell you how nice it is to be back in Austin!! (minus the traffic...)  I have stocked up on Orange Theory sessions and made my way up to Lifetime several times. I miss these gyms and their workouts! I need someone to open an OTF… Continue reading Weekly Round Up 5/10/16