The Countdown is Over!!

Hey everyone! I wanted to share really quick that I am about to board my flight to L.A. for Blogfest!!!!

It is finally here and I can not wait! Follow me along on Instagram (@apunchofleopard) and Snapchat (@apunchofleopard) to stay up to date on all the fun!



Row, Row, Row 

Hello!!!! It’s been a hot minute since I shared a workout so today is your lucky day!!



When I first started going to Orange Theory Fitness I had a love/hate relationship with the rower. It hurt my hands, I couldn’t quite get the flow, but I noticed that I was burning a lot of calories when I was on it AND I noticed a difference in my strength all around. 

This isn’t new for those of you who have been rowing for awhile, but for those that still just pass the rower by, jump on it during your next cardio day! Don’t believe how awesome it is? Read this article. We all know spin, or cycle, class TORCHES calories and is an awesome workout. But jumping on the rower is even better!! 

Over the months I have posted a couple row workouts. Here is an OTF inspired run to row workout here. And most recently I posted a row workout with bicep curls

Check them out let me know what you think. I promise you won’t be disappointed! Plus! If you are looking for a new and different cardio workout to kind of surprise your body this is it. You can even do interval training on the rower just like running or spin/cycle. 



Weekly Round up – 3.15.16

The weekend has come and gone again and we are now half way through March! How did that happen and where did the time go?? Check out what I read, pinned and snapped this week!!

weekly round up


What I read:

How much water do we really need to stay hydrated?

Try incorporating these small gestures to remind those close to you you care.

Want better hair and skin? Use apple cider vinegar!

In case you need help giving up the good stuff.

What I pinned:

How does your four legged baby sleep?

The best snacks.

Have you tried this 7 day sleep challenge??

I didn’t instagram alot this past week but I did discover some new accounts that I started following check them out!

BuzzfeedHealth – yummy food pictures and funny messages

Chontel Duncan – talk about an inspiration

FitApproach – they aren’t a new account I am following but they do have an Instagram challenge going on this week with Eggland’s Best!! Check out the awesome breakfast images they are regramming and get some breakfast inspo!!

I hope everyone has an amazing week!!!





Weekly Round Up – 3.7.16

Hello Friends!! I am back!! I have been battling bronchitis the past few days but I am relieved to be feeling better and back on track with the blog.

Even though I was coughing up a storm that didn’t keep me from completing my first 8 mile race. Of course it was to the top of a mountain but it was so worth it. The views of El Paso and of Mexico were breathtaking.

Take a look at what I read, pinned and snapped over the past 2 weeks…. Continue reading “Weekly Round Up – 3.7.16”

Weekly Round Up – 2/1/16

Happy February!! The last week of January was a busy one for me and I am so happy to now be in my favorite month of the year!!

weekly round up 2.1.16

I discovered a few new apps this week, but the one that stood out the most was Continue reading “Weekly Round Up – 2/1/16”