What to Pack for Blogfest 2017

Hello, Hello!Β  As I am writing this we are 4 weeks and two days out from Blogfest 2017 and the excitement is growing!! I started thinking about what I packed last year, what I didn't pack that I wish I had and what I definitely OVER packed. It was my first year to attend any… Continue reading What to Pack for Blogfest 2017


The Struggle is REAL

Back in 2015 I had a wild idea about starting a blog about my fit life and all of the fit fashion that was taking over my life. I was studying to be a certified ACE group fitness instructor, finally following my dream to teach potentially at Lifetime Fitness and managing a long distance relationship… Continue reading The Struggle is REAL


We need to talk…

about Blogfest 2016!!! If you have been following along on Instagram you have seen all the fun and exciting updates I posted from my trip last week to Los Angeles for the Idea World Fitness Convention and Blogfest. I was there for five days and met so many inspiring bloggers, fitness professionals and business owners!… Continue reading We need to talk…

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Fitness Find Friday – My Sweat Style

Hey everyone!!! I am back from my travels and ready to get back to business πŸ™‚ I want to share my most recent box from My Sweat Style. If you missed my last review, don't worry because I have a new one for you! First, for those who don't know about this subscription service, this… Continue reading Fitness Find Friday – My Sweat Style



Wellness noun | well-ness |Β \ˈwel-nΙ™s\ : the quality or state of being healthy What does wellness mean to you? Is it just related to nutrition? Physical strength or mental stability? It is a complex question and complex word that means something different to everyone. After reading the blog post on Run to the Finish about… Continue reading WELLNESS


Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Yes, you read that right! We are a month out and what better way to help your special someone stay motivated than with a fitness related Valentine's Day Gift!! We are in the coldest months of the year and it may be easy to fall off the wagon. So if their resolution included getting healthy,… Continue reading Happy Valentine’s Day!!


It’s official…

At the end of last week I received this email... I am so excited to learn from the members of this community and to grow as a fitness professional and blogger. πŸ™‚ But what is more....a few days later I was accepted to attend BlogFest 2016 with SweatPink!!! This will be such a challenging and… Continue reading It’s official…