Pride and Joy

Last week was one of the more stressful and intense weeks at work and I missed every one of my workouts. So to reward myself and get back on track I hit it hard this past weekend!

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My Everyday – Lemon Water

Welcome back everyone! I wanted to start a series that highlighted different routines/rituals that I have picked up over the years that have positively impacted my day-to-day living. The first post in this series is centered around that little yellow fruit – Lemons!!!

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Last minute purchase…

There are only a few hours left of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and I couldn’t resist. I saw these capris a few weeks ago and just haven’t forgotten them!!

Nike Legend Capris here

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Let the fun begin!

Hey everyone and welcome to my blog! My name is Marilena and I am a 32-year-old office manager by day/fitness enthusiast by night. I have thought about starting a blog for some time now so here it goes! I went to The Ohio State University and majored in Fashion Merchandising. After 8 years in the retail world I made the transition to a more traditional schedule and position and was ecstatic to have two days off, in a row, EVERY week!! Who knew the weekends were so wonderful! Through out my career changes, I had a constant, my gym membership. I have always been active, from ballet when I was itty bitty through my college days, to step classes, weight training and kickboxing. This love of a good sweat sesh finally motivated me to pursue my group fitness instructor certification. After an 8 week-long course through The Lifetime Academy, I sat for my ACE exam and passed! I am officially certified to teach group fitness classes. Next mission: find a job! With this experience and all the experiences I have accumulated through the years, my passion and desire to motivate others has grown.

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