What to Pack for Blogfest 2017

Hello, Hello! 

As I am writing this we are 4 weeks and two days out from Blogfest 2017 and the excitement is growing!! I started thinking about what I packed last year, what I didn’t pack that I wish I had and what I definitely OVER packed. It was my first year to attend any sort of fitness convention, partake in multiple amazing workouts and learn from very knowledgeable influencers/bloggers. So I definitely made some packing loses but a few wins that I want to share with you!!

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Hear me out… yes we are heading to the desert this year and it just so happens the hottest day of the year is usually July 19th, but don’t let this desert heat fool you. I GUARANTEE inside the convention center and meeting rooms the a/c will be blasting. Make sure you stay comfortable and focused with whatever extra jacket/sweater/poncho you need to bring. 


Obviously you will change outfits everyday, but something that helped me not FREEZE my behind off was changing after any workout that we had especially if I knew we were walking into another seated lecture/presentation. The extra set of pants, top, sports bra and yes underwear made all the difference. TRUST ME.

BlogFest 2016 Swag Bag we received upon check in


This one makes me laugh because I was really proud of myself for fitting all of my workout wear, multiple running/training shoes, toiletries, etc…. in one bag. Yay!! NOT. Both me and my roommate Esther took turns running to the Target that was several blocks away to buy a SECOND piece of luggage. The amount of product/swag/goodies you will accumulate is INSANE!! In a very, very, very good way. I was exposed to product I have never heard of that has now made its way in to my daily life. Pack that extra duffle in your suitcase so you can fill it up with all of the things!

duffle bag
My everyday duffle that housed my change of clothes, snacks, cell phone, water, etc…


Yes you should pack enough outfits to wear you can change after every workout and pack enough underwear to last you through my second tip, but we are going to FITNESS CONVENTION. The vendors at the expo are amazing and many of them are pop up shops! Last year I found pieces from Lorna Jane, Yoga Smoga and even SweatPink! Just to name a few. You don’t need to bring EVERY black pair of leggings you own (do you hear me Marilena??) just enough to get you by. Save the room for your swag!

Esther and I were set…


Since last year was my first year to attend I didn’t know what the eating situation was going to be like. So in my duffle I not only carted around multiple outfits, underwear, a shoe change, socks, but I also had a jar of nutbutter, complete cookies, fig bars, protein bars, beef jerky, etc, etc… You really don’t need this. I remember hearing a comment from a presenter last year mention that we were the “best fed group at IDEA!!!” #truth There are snacks on snacks on snacks. Breakfast is offered, lunch is offered in addition to the snack breaks they have planned for us. And did I mention, the freebies you will receive in your swag bag and from vendors?! Unless you have a very strict diet/allergies you can go light on the snacks you pack, I didn’t eat everything I packed and you guessed it, had to cart it right back with me! So, again, save the room for your swag!!

I hope these tips have helped you in your packing plan! Many people brought their laptops and iPads to take notes during the lectures and presentations and the set up was amazing! There are definitely enough outlets to go around so don’t worry about battery life 🙂 If you have been to Blogfest before I would love to hear what your packing tips are! Leave them down in the comments with any questions you may have. See you in fabulous Las Vegas!!



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    1. I forgot too until I was going through our pictures from last summer to gain inspiration for the post and then I remembered…we were well fed and I don’t think I ate any of our snacks until Sunday!! See you next week!!!

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