WIWW – Beauty Finds

So I know this post accidentally already posted but here it is again with the photos it was supposed to have!! Oh technology… 🙈🙈

Today’s post is a little different than what I usually post about but I wanted to share a few beauty finds that I have stumbled upon. With wedding prep in full swing (2 weeks and three days 😵) I have prepped and primed and exfoliated and moisturized my skin to ensure I have an amazing glow the day of. I have also tried new make up essentials for photos and day before looks. I did not get the hair and makeup bug so it has been a REAL discovery for me!



MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Bare Study


This little pot was first introduced to me by a coworker who always has the most amazing eye make up on. I finally asked her how do you do that??? She gave me her biggest secret…MAC paint pot. This little guy is awesome. Not only can you wear it alone, which I do often if I am running late or just want to have a little shimmer with my mascara. I have noticed that my eyeliner doesn’t end up on my lid anymore, there is no creasing in my eye shadow when I do apply and the shadow stays where I put it!! triple win! This may not be new for some of you, but if you haven’t tried it out I definitley recommend picking one up.

Lancome Pro Base Primer


As I have gotten older, I have noticed that gone are the days that I can effectively just use powder as my base. I have found an amazing liquid base from Merle Norman that gives just enough coverage without looking like I caked on an entire tube. I was using my sunscreen/moisturizer before I put it on but had no idea there was actually another make up product designed specifically for ‘priming’ the skin…(🙋🏻 I know…I am really embarrassing myself with this information, but I literally missed the make up bus)

I tried a few, some I liked, and some I just did not. I found one from Arbonne that made my skin feel so soft, but I was saddened to see it out of stock when I went back to purchase more. (Update when I went to add this link it says it is in stock!! If you have a rep and already use their products add this to your next purchase!) Enter Lancome. My mother has used some of their products for years and had a sample from her recent purchase. I said what the heck. It is awesome. Just like the Arbonne primer, it makes my skin feel so smooth and soft and my foundation going on so smoothly now. A definite must try.

Lancome Foundation Brush


Speaking of foundation, I finally got a foundation brush to use. Again, I know I am late to the party, but maybe there is someone out there that is too! I love the way this feels on my face as I paint on the foundation. I haven’t tried any other brushes so I don’t have anything to compare it to other than my fingers, but it definitely glides on so much more evenly!

Have you tried any of these beauty finds? What is your favorite brand? Have something I need to discover?? Let me know in the comments!



2 thoughts on “WIWW – Beauty Finds”

    1. So, I hadn’t or so I thought. Then I went through my pictures and that’s what was used during my bridal make up trial!! And I loved it! I haven’t purchased any yet but it is on my list!!


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