Weekly Round Up 5/10/16

Happy Tuesday!

I am posting from Austin and I can’t tell you how nice it is to be back in Austin!! (minus the traffic…) 

I have stocked up on Orange Theory sessions and made my way up to Lifetime several times. I miss these gyms and their workouts! I need someone to open an OTF gym in El Paso!!! Any takers??

I am a little light on the weekly reads this week mainly because most of what I am pinning these days are wedding bouquets and the articles I am reading are centered around how to stay in budget for your wedding! But here are a few travel, fitness and interesting snaps I found this week!!


What I read:

5 tips for traveling if you have a fear of flying

Check out these beautiful images of ballerinas

Have you tried Mindful Eating??

Squats are all the rage….let’s check your form!!

What I pinned:

Asparagus recipes I want to try

For the bridal showers, baby showers and sunday fundays in your future make sure you have your mimosa bar on point!

What we snapped:


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