Fitness Find – The Challenge Box

Happy FRIDAY!!!!

How was everyone’s week?? I am still in a tug a war battle with inspiration and motivation. Lately it has been a little harder to get the words and ideas in my head onto the computer. I know being sick did not help but it is time to break out of this and get sharing again!! Does this sound familiar to anyone?? How did you get out of it?? I usually leave the questions for the end of the post but it has been on my mind, and obviously left the blog a ghost town for a few weeks! Let me know!!

Now for the real reason I am here! When I received my Fitbit Charge HR for my birthday I was so excited to have a heart rate monitor for my workouts, to see how many steps I actually walk in a day and just to be apart of the fitness technology world! And let me tell you it has not been a disappointment.

Let me first say I don’t think you NEED a piece of technology to get a great workout in, to know how fit you are or how fit you feel, but it has been interesting and eye opening for me to have one strapped to my wrist during my most grueling workouts. Especially for the heart rate. I would always guess at what heart rate zone I was in just by my physical cues or even try and find my heart beat to count at the peak of a workout but honestly, who has time for that and I was so concerned about catching my breath I don’t think I was ever counting correctly! lol

So for me this little bit of technology has been awesome. During my workouts if I feel like quitting it serves as a little reminder that we are almost done and to make the most out of the workout. It is after all getting logged and I never want to leave anything on the table! As I was logging my workouts and steps I noticed that I was accumulating little badges from FitBit, badges marking the milestones that I had reached while wearing the device. I obviously have been active and racking up those badges! LOL

But I noticed under Friends and also under Trophies, well I had none. I couldn’t challenge anyone to a contest because there wasn’t anyone.

I got online to see what was out there in the world for the FitBit users and I found the Challenge Box!!

I quickly signed up and ordered my first box (yes it is another subscription box) and it was here in no time! For 

Challenge BoxChallenge Box

The Challenge Box links up with your FitBit account, analyzes your data and your goals and every month will send you a box with your personalized workout plan and goodies for the month. There is also a fitness profile you can fill out to let the team know what your goals are for yourself. Based on your answers and goals they will then make a challenge that will help you reach your goals! I am beyond excited to have received resistance bands in my first box, one of my goals was to get stronger. They have been on my “to purchase” list for a while just to have at home or to pack up with me when I travel. The snacks were amazing, even the Stingers…I am pretty sure they were just gummy bears repackaged!

Here is my challenge for March:

Challenge Box Challenge

They even include workouts with the bands to help me reach my fitness goals:

I am super excited about this box and about pushing myself to reach my fitness goals. Have you tried the Challenge Box?? What are your thoughts?? Do you have a FitBit and up for a challenge?? Let me know in the comments below!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!



9 thoughts on “Fitness Find – The Challenge Box”

  1. Thank you for reviewing! I was on the fence about signing up or not because they’re a little vague on what comes in the box. Once I saw your photos of your box items and the goal sheet, I was sold! Just ordered my box and paid for rush delivery on this month’s box 😛

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      1. I briefly tried the bands, but haven’t had the time to lookup any additional exercises to use with them.


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