Weekly Round Up – 3.7.16

Hello Friends!! I am back!! I have been battling bronchitis the past few days but I am relieved to be feeling better and back on track with the blog.

Even though I was coughing up a storm that didn’t keep me from completing my first 8 mile race. Of course it was to the top of a mountain but it was so worth it. The views of El Paso and of Mexico were breathtaking.

Take a look at what I read, pinned and snapped over the past 2 weeks….

What I read:

How much caffeine is in your favorite cup of coffee.

22 Ways to Make the Most of Your Decorating Dollar

5 Myths About Adulting

How Much Protein Do We Actually Need?

7 Rules to Start Your Mornings Off Right!

What I pinned:

Organize with the Konmari Method

Make your own Peanut Butter

Healthy and easy ingredient swaps

What I snapped:

How was your weekend?? Did you do anything fun?



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