#FitFriday – Week 1 of Boot Camp

Hey there! Happy Friday!! The last week of January came and went and with it went our first week of boot camp! Both classes went off without a hitch and my participants KILLED it!!!

As promised I have the two workouts that we did on Monday and Wednesday. The format that I used for class is one that I adopted from a class at Lifetime Fitness. It was an easy format to adopt and tweak ever so slightly to push the participants of this boot camp…and now YOU!

There is a warm up and cool down and in between there are three rounds of hard, focused work. Each round is 15 minutes and consists of and upper body exercise, a lower body exercise and a core exercise. Each exercise is done back to back for 90 sec each three times. At the end of the third set there is a 90 sec cardio drill and then a 2 minute rest in between rounds….WHEW! It is a doozy but so effective and your heart rate stays up so you know you will be torching calories.

To keep track of the exercises, I have written upper body, lower body, core and cardio exercises on color coded note cards that I have done in past classes or found on Pinterest.

Week 1 Bootcamp
Bootcamp inspiration

I keep them filed and place them to the back after we complete them so no class will be the same and the participants don’t get comfy!

Now for the timing of it all. I literally JUST discovered the best timer app last night after class. I can’t wait to utilize it on Monday and going forward for my interval runs and work outs too. It is called Interval Timer. (I know I know, how fitting lol)

I might be late to this app, but it is definitely going to change my life. You can save the intervals that you program under different work outs and load them up when you are ready for them. You can even sink the music on your phone to play with the timer so you don’t have to toggle back and forth.


Ok now for the fun part!!

Start with a 5-10 minute warm up. Once the warm up is complete go directly into the first set of exercises. Do the upper body, lower body and core exercises back to back three times. Try not to rest in between exercises.

Work out #1

Round 1

  1. Walk out push ups
  2. Squat with a curl to OH press
  3. Bicycle Crunches

(repeat three times)

Cardio Drill: Jumping Jacks/Starfish Jumps

2 minute rest

Round 2

  1. Bent over row with kick back
  2. Reverse Lunge with front kick
  3. Toe reach with weight

(repeat three times)

Cardio drill: Jump lunges

2 minute rest

Round 3

  1. Alternating front and lateral raises
  2. Plie squats with upright row
  3. Up and downs in plank position

(repeat three times)

Cardio drill: High knees

5-10 minute cool down

Work out #2

Round 1

  1. Renegade rows
  2. Lateral lunge with OH press
  3. Alternating side V ups

(repeat three times)

Cardio Drill: Skaters

2 minute rest

Round 2

  1. One Legged flys (optional back leg lift)
  2. Alternating forward lunge with twist
  3. Side Plank reach under

(repeat three times)

Cardio Drill: Burpees

2 minute rest

Round 3

  1. Man makers (without the row)
  2. Squat with single arm frontal raise
  3. Russian twists

(repeat three times)

Cardio Drill: Jump squats

5-10 minute cool down

And there you have it! Two awesome workouts that will definitely leave you drenched. A couple of notes:

Any time you are in the plank or push up position always make sure either your elbow and or wrist are under your shoulders. (especially in the up and downs and side planks)

As you squat or lunge, make sure the weight is in in your heels and your knees are over your ankle. You want your knee to always follow the direction of your second toe. (keep in mind for plie squats when your toes are pointed outwards)

You can always lower the weight or take it out completely if you find your heart rate gets too high. If you ever need a break take a few second break and then jump right back in.

What did you think? Have you used the Interval Timer before? Let me know what you think about the work outs!!









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