Weekly Round Up – 1/25/16

Happy MONDAY!!! It is here again! But I am SO excited for today I can’t even contain myself. Today is the first day of my first bootcamp!! And what is more I am going to post the workouts for the week on Fridays! So get ready to amp up your workouts!!

In other exciting news I am now officially an Amazon Affiliate!! What does that mean? It means anytime you make a purchase on Amazon under my banner you will help me keep this blog going!! Want to give it a try? Start with the awesome promotion they have right now to celebrate the New Year…Shop Amazon – New Year New You They have everything you need to keep your resolution going. From Pre-workout, protein powder and dumbbells to yoga mats and sticky socks!

Speaking of protein powder…Best Protein Powders

So what exactly is gelatin? – via http://www.facebook.com/erinquinn

I can’t wait to start saving money and make these protein bars.

Cardio or strength first? Check this article out for some direction!

In case you missed it…you should always push yourself and use proper form…you never know when you are being recorded!

I started thinking about my consumption of olive oil and nut butters after reading this.

An awesome breakdown to get your HOUSE clean in 1 HOUR!!!

In case you missed it…

Don’t forget to make this amazing very berry oatmeal bake!

Very Berry Baked Oatmeal
Very Berry Baked Oatmeal

What does Wellness mean to you??

Wellness Definition

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