30 minute Workout Inspiration

Happy Hump Day!! How are your resolutions going? Today I am sharing the 30 minute row work out I completed a few days ago. Most gyms have a row machine and it can be a great low impact full body workout. It will target your legs, back, shoulders and arms. With this workout I included bicep curls as part of my active recovery.




A few notes:

  • First adjust the straps over your feet, you want it right above the midline of your shoe.
  • When rowing keep your shoulders down and your chest proud and your core tight.
  • Push off with your legs through your heels and pull the bar all the way up to your sternum. As you do this squeeze your shoulder blades together.
  • Focus on consistent and controlled movements. Shoot for a consistent number of strokes per minute (SPM).
  • You can also include interval training within the 1000 meter sets. A set I completed is 500 meters at 24 SPM; 300 meters at 26 SPM; 200 meters at 28-30 SPM.
  • For the bicep curls rest your elbows on your knees and with your shoulders down and your chest proud, curl the bar up.

How did you do?? Let me know what you think!!

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