Workout Inspiration

Happy Wednesday!

We are still going strong with our cleaning and packing….it is a lot of work to pack up 30 years FYI….

With that said, I started thinking about this post as soon as I arrived in Austin. With the lifting, the bending, the lunging and the leaning I started thinking…how do people do this if they don’t work out?! I saw so many of the moves I do in class come through the past week and it prompted this “moving” inspired workout.

The following exercises can be done in the gym with dumbells or at home with heavy stuff around you. LETS GO!!!

Warm up for 5-10 minutes…use the treadmill at a higher incline or the stair stepper. (as I was making my way up the one flight in my parents home and the two flights in my condo, I was cursing myself for not spending more time on this machine!!) You can also walk/run around the block if you are at home. Just get your heart rate up, your blood pumping and maybe a little glisten and you are ready!



Just a few pointers:

  1. Squats – these can be first done with just body weight until you are warmed up and then add a weight or two. Keep your chest and eyes up and your knees over your ankles.
  2. Lunges – same as above, you can start body weight or go straight with the weight. You want to keep the weight in front of your chest like you are holding a box. Keep both knees at a 90 degree angle in the lunge with your chest and eyes up.
  3. Push ups – I didn’t necessarily bust out push ups while I was packing or carrying boxes, LOL!!, but I did have to hold awkwardly long objects while walking and the only way to do so was using my chest muscles…plus push ups are the best.
  4. Mountain Climbers – just like above I didn’t just break out a series of mountain climbers, but it is a nice cardio drill in the middle of all of these exercises right? Keep your wrist under your shoulders and your body in a plank position as you drive your knees to your chest!
  5. Goblet Squats – a variation on the squat, hold the weight in front of your chest. Your toes should be turned out slightly, with your knees following you second toe as you bend into the squat. Again, chest and eyes up!
  6. Curl to OH Press – my arms are by far the sorest on my body and it is from all the lifting into the UHaul/car and stacking boxes. These are traditional bicep curls into a traditional overhead press. Keep your core engaged, and if you want an added balance challenge lift your knee for a set. Don’t forget to do it on the other side during the next round to stay balanced!
  7. Hammer Curls – I am incorporating these because as I was carrying the little white file boxes I noticed how my hands were aligned and thought this was the most similar. Turn your wrists to face each other and curl up. Just like above, keep your core engaged and if you need a balance challenge lift one knee.
  8. Burpees – only because they hate you too! The final cardio drill, its only ten you got this!!!

Complete each exercise all the way through with a 30 second break in between each set!!

At the end don’t forget to stretch. With all the moving and twisting and lifting it has felt wonderful to stretch at the end of the day! How did you do? What modifications did you incorporate? 

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