Weekly Round Up – From Austin

It is here again…Monday! It is the start of a new week for new goals and successes! I am writing to you from Austin and I can not begin to tell you how EXCITED I am to be back in town. (The bold and italics gave it way didn’t it??)

Austin got a little old, the traffic, the hustle, the traffic….but nothing makes you appreciate home quicker than some time away in a different town!

My parents are moving out of my childhood home and it is bittersweet to go through all of our old things. I have stumbled across items from elementary, middle and high school that I completely forgot about!

Anyways enough of the memories….here is what I read and caught up on during my mini breaks! (BTW my boss is the coolest!!)


With one of my oldest friends at the Austin Trail of Lights Fun Run // I was totally excited to wear my Zara Terez Fair Isle leggings
We set a new PR


Have you found your holiday PJs yet?? I have and I found them here and here and here (ok the last one is kind of silly, but kind of cute??) Don’t forget your sleepwear accessories…these slippers (they come in leopard too!) and sleep mask are great gift ideas!!

I just found out about The Skimm from my friend Sam and it is a great breakdown of current events with a little bit of wit…this is definitely what you want in your inbox in the morning to get you caught up. What to say….

To get me through the packing and the cleaning, I have been listening to my favorite podcast, For Crying Out Loud. These women are HILARIOUS!!! Most topics I can not relate to but you may! The hosts are Stephanie Wilder Taylor (married to John Taylor of Duran Duran) and Lynette Carolla (married to Adam Carolla) I have been a HUGE fan of Adam’s since a college friend and I snuck to the stage after he and Dr. Drew came to talk to a group of us my freshmen year college…I need to find that picture. Give this podcast a shot, they are hilarious and they make me look forward to having kiddies of my own!

Another podcast I am hooked on is Heather Dubrow’s World…SHOCKER!!! Since I love every Housewife franchise, this was a no brainer. I definitely can not relate to her life, but I enjoy listening nonetheless!

In case you missed it, check out my post highlighting my favorite pieces of the shiny and metallic trend in activewear.

How was your weekend?? Do you have any podcasts you are loyal to? Let me know!! 

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