Trending – Shiny Metallics

Happy Thursday!! I have noticed that everyone from Fabletics to Reebok to Nike to various brands on Carbon38 and Bandier are elevating the basic black or grey tight to a more shimmery or straight up metallic look. And shocker, I can’t get enough of it! I have included some of my favorites from my metallic wish list… Have you noticed the metallic phase going on right now??

Ankle Tight by ALALA – I love these because the metallic doesn’t over power and it is a good way to test the trend without going all out.


The Salar Legging from Fabletics in a new print that mixes metals


If you are ready to go for it here are the Alala Metallic Running Tights!! (they also come in an awesome cropped legging)


I love this infinity scarf to wear to and from your work outs. It gives just enough shimmer!


Don’t forget your footwear!!


This past weekend when I was completing my research for the Cyber Monday post, I visited every department store website including stores that are not in Texas and I loved that the majority of them now have an Activewear department. Some of the brands and styles that I love on Carbon38 or Bandier are so popular they sell out and I usually always forget about Neiman’sSak’s and Bloomingdales. I wanted to just remind everyone that department stores have a pretty good selection too in case your go to website is sold out….

Head over to my Pinterest board for more shiny metallic items that I have found and don’t forget use code MARILENAGER50 for $50 off your first purchase at Carbon38!!! What is on your metallic wish list??


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