Trending – Message tops

My uniform over the past few months has definitely shifted to the more casual, athleisure aesthetic and I find myself spending HOURS on websites such as Bandier, Carbon38Lorna Jane, Prana and the long time favorites Six:02, Nike and Reebok. I just love looking at the new product and finding the common threads between them all. (I would love it even more if I could have it all and wear it everyday!! A girl can dream…) Until then, I thought why not start a series highlighting what trends I have found in the world of athleisure!

During my first month in El Paso, I dove into the barre world and signed up for an unlimited month at PureBarre. I enjoyed the workout a lot, but it was the barre “uniform”- Yoga leggings with a message tee or tank, that I became fascinated with. I discovered brands I had only seen online but never ventured to try: Alo Yoga, Splits 59, I even gave lululemon a little more attention. I also noticed that the women of the barre world loved their message tops. They let me know  when they would see me at the barre, if they were expecting, engaged and even what their part time profession is – brunch! It was so intriguing! I took to the internet and looked around to see what else I could find. Etsy has a great selection of these barre tops as well as Emijay and Barresocks. I literally just googled “barre shirts” and BAM!

These are just a few of the tops I have found so far and I am always adding to my pinterest board! Do you like this trend? What is your favorite so far? What is your go to site to visit?

professional bruncher
wake & shake
drink pink
yes you can
rest later

one for the boys!

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