Workout Inspiration – 11/11

Happy Wednesday!!! How is your week going? Have you stayed on track to meet your #holidaysweat challenge minutes goal?? Currently I am at 240 minutes! Just 110 more to go!!

Today’s workout inspiration is a workout you can truly do anywhere: the gym, your bedroom, living room, outside, etc. It doesn’t require any extra toys just your body weight!! Let’s get started!

Β Β 

Complete each set in each circuit with out resting in between sets. At the end of the circuit pick a set to repeat if you are feeling extra strong!! (This will give you three sets per circuit) Take a 1 -2 min break in between circuits.

Many of the exercises are basic but effective. Here are a few pointers:

Lunges with torso twist – once you are in your lunge with both legs at a 90Β°, twist your torso towards the front leg.

Shoulder push ups – fold your body into an upside down “V” and send your chest to your thighs as you bend your elbows.

Jabs – for both the forward and corner jabs, your stance should be feet hip width apart, knees slightly bent with your abs engaged (braced for a punch). When you jab do not fully extend your arms.

Bean bags – you should move your hands as fast as possible while shuffling on your feet. (Imagine the bag is above your head)

Lower ab crunch – try and keep your legs at Β 90Β° as you raise your hips and crunch your lower abs. Try to only use your lower abs and not momentum.

Supermans – lift both your arms and legs off the ground engaging lower back.

How did this workout go? Which circuit was your favorite? Planks, squats or push-ups?! If you have any questions regarding an exercise you can always email me!Β 


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