Workout Inspiration- 11/4

Happy Wednesday! I don’t have a workout post today but if you need some inspiration check out these workouts if you haven’t done so yet! (Here and here) Today I wanted to share the challenge I am embarking on, and you can too, with @fitapproach and @runtothefinish. In an effort to help keep the balance between all the holiday goodies, parties and shopping @fitapproach and @runtothefinish laid down the #holidaysweat challenge!

Starting on 11/8-1/2 you can start keeping track of the minutes of activity you are able to fit in every day. You can share your activities on Instagram and join their Facebook community for additional motivation! Go to their website to learn more and sign up! It’s free! Every week I will share the prompts they send out that will include workout ideas and ways to stay on track. What’s more? They will also have weekly prizes just for getting active! It sounds like a lot of fun and a great way to ensure your hard work doesn’t disappear!! Who is going to join me?!

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