Starbucks Hack #32

Earlier this year I had my first Spinach and Feta wrap from Starbucks and it immediately made my “most ordered” list. It was the perfect size and at only 250 calories it didn’t make me feel like all my hard work from an early morning gym class was cancelled out before noon. Now that I have a little more free time on my hands, I set out to recreate this wrap and I finally mastered it! (It even got the stamp of approval from my other half this afternoon!) Here you go!

Morning Wrap

There are only five ingredients in this wrap and it is complete in about ten minutes.


2 Eggs

Handful of spinach

Feta Cheese

Sundried tomatoes

Multigrain wrap (or whatever bread you prefer)

While the eggs are cooking (I have used a combination of two full eggs, one egg white and one full egg and two egg whites – the choice is yours!) I place three to four sundried tomatoes in the center of the wrap.

Once the eggs are complete, I place them on top of the tomatoes and throw the spinach in the pan to sauté for a few minutes.

Finally, I place the spinach down the center along with about two tablespoons of feta, but again you can use more or less!

(A quick and final dash…because nothing is ever complete on my plate without a little Slap Ya Mama)

Fold the center up and the two sides in and voila! As you can see I only  mastered half my morning order….somethings are better left to the barista!!

Happy Haunting!!

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