Headed West – The 2015 Goodbye Austin Tour

I recently made a HUGE decision, one that has been on my mind for awhile. So after my last vacation I came back to work with a new goal – getting my personal life up and running! El Paso here I come!! I have moved from Austin many times and before the final day I always try to eat at my favorite Austin-only restaurants and see my favorite Austin-only people (all while procrastinating that whole packing thing….which is for the birds, btw.) Here are a few images from the “2015 Goodbye Austin Tour!!”

with my two oldest friends for 4 hours of giggling, podcast prepping and catching up
at Jack Allen’s Kitchen destroying their Pimiento Cheese appetizer and enjoying drinks “on special”

The following Sunday I was able to hang out with two coworkers. My only regret is not getting to hang with them more over the past year. Not to worry though, we were able to make up lost time during a Sunday filled with shoptalk, gossip, champagne and cinnamon! 🙂

enjoying our first mimosa at Taverna
off to The Market to enjoy the weather, the view and more champs
beer me some champs
cheers to great company

One of the final stops on my “tour” was Daddy Daughter Night at Chickfila. At the last training I went to with my previous company, David Salyers, the Vice President of National, Regional and Local Marketing for Chickfila, spoke to us about being Remarkable! He showed many tear inducing videos (you can find them here and here) throughout the presentation, one of which highlighted the community event Chickfila restaurants put on – Daddy Daughter Date Night! As a 32 year old daughter, even I was moved to go!  I talked my father into joining me for a night of castles and princess cows and it was awesome!

with the princess cow (image found here)
I couldn’t quite convince him to take the carriage ride (image found here)

As I eat at all my regular spots and say my goodbyes, I have noticed a repeat offender, Vert’s Kebap! I have literally had lunch here every other day for the past two weeks!!! If you haven’t had it yet, it is a must!

beef and lamb kebab the Texan way (their website has WAY better pictures :))

Not only have I been eating and enjoying my favorite spots but I have been fitting in as many Orange Theory Fitness sessions and Strike! classes. I am definitely going to miss these two formats, but I can’t wait to discover the classes in El Paso and hopefully teach one in the near future!

gearing up for Strike!
my final 90min performance summary

I know I will be back to visit family and friends, but it has been fun catching up with friends and coworkers, eating at old favorites and soaking up the last few days I am in Austin. Thank you to everyone that has made time to see and spend time with me before I head west!!

goodbye flowers from my team

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