Pride and Joy

Last week was one of the more stressful and intense weeks at work and I missed every one of my workouts. So to reward myself and get back on track I hit it hard this past weekend!

I started Saturday early with a 730 am TCX class. For those that are not familiar with this class, it is an hour long of cardio and strength mixed together. You move through every muscle group starting with push-ups all the way to your abs. You start with single move targeting the muscle group, add movement and then add dynamic movement! It is 60 mins of “can I quit yet?” thoughts! This Saturday was nothing less. The music was awesome and even surprising! I can’t recall which muscle group we were in but Stevie Ray Vaughn “Pride and Joy” came on. My initial thought was “ok, I get it we are in Austin, but really?” But as the instructor used the lyrics to motivate us I thought it was perfect! We were working on our own Pride and Joy, our strength and endurance! I got a little extra pep in my step, or curl, and pushed harder because I was very proud of the progress I have made!

Saturday TCX Outfit

Nike Lunarglides (here) // Nike Pro Capris (similar here) //  UnderArmour Tank (here)

These thoughts and lyrics carried over to Sunday when I attended my third Orange Theory Fitness class. It too did not disappoint. (I wish I had pushed a little harder though to get my calorie count up!) The below image is a summary of my efforts during class that is emailed afterward. I was able to spend the majority of my time in zone 3 (green) and zone 4 (orange)! If you would like more information on the science behind OTF head to their website to find out more and to find a gym near you. The first session is free! The basic breakdown is half of your time is spent during cardio, whether it’s power walking, jogging or running. They even have bikes for you to log your miles if running isn’t for you. The other half is spent in the weight room doing a variety of exercises incorporating TRX, free weights, a step, an ab dolley, etc.

Today’s workout consisted of a 1 mile run followed by a 400m row. Then a .5mile run followed by an 800m row. The final leg was a .25 mile run followed by a 1600m row. All of this was to be completed in 30 min.
Next my group moved over to the weight room where we completed the following: 100reps of body weight squats, push ups and swimmers in 6 min. The second round consisted 100 reps of rows with the TRX band, swing squat with a weight and mountain climbers. The third round was 100 reps of alternating bicep curls, tricep dips and toe touches on the bench. The final round was 50 reps of knees on the step and double crunches. We ended the class with light stretching. It was an intense workout but totally worth it!!!

Sunday Best!


Nike Tank (here) // Nike Lunarglides (here) // Zara Terez Capris (here)

This weekend had two awesome full body workouts that I’ll feel the effects of in the coming days, but nothing gets you back on track like a good sweat sesh! Hope y’all have a wonderful week! Get out and do something that gets that heart pumping!!

Don’t forget to SMILE!! 🙂

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